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Clear & Youthful skin

Our products target uneven skin tone, dark marks and aging skin.

The major skin complaints of the African man or woman, is uneven skin tone. This is due to uneven distribution of our precious melanin, which is an agent that protects our skin from environmental hazards and extreme weather conditions.

Les Enchantes products help brighten and repair your skin without stripping off its melanin, thereby maintaining the integrity of your skin.


The complete clarifying kit comprising of body lotion, face cream, soap, body scrub and oil is everything your skin needs for clear radiance. It reverses premature aging, brightens dark spots, fades stretch marks and gives a brighter, even complexion


There are so many organic products in the market now, leaving a lot of people confused. Many have patronized cream mixers that end up destroying their skin with harsh quick action creams.

Our promise to you is if you patiently use our products, flawless result is sure. Our products never give the BLEACHED look, and you are assured of a NO REACTION experience

skin lightening cream that clears dull skin. before and after

Remove Sun Tan

Our products have successfully restored the complexion in women who got darker from sun exposure, pregnancy and other conditions.

Dark Knuckles and Joints

If you use peels on your knuckles, there's every tendency for them to come back even worse, due to post inflamatory hyperpigmentation (pih). People who use peels on knuckles tend to be desperate for quick result, and end up using it wrongly. We have safer and more effective ways of treating dark knuckles and joints, so that you can heal with peace of mind.

treatment of dark spots on legs. before and after

Hyper Pigmented Scar Treatment

Treatment of sever and deep dark spots take time, patience and consistency. This client had an unknown cause of dark scars on her legs. unfortunately treatment was not done to the end, due to circumstances, but we did take it to a considerable extent while treatment was with us

Spotless glow

Our skin products would give you uniform skin complexion, without unwanted side effects. just get the kite for your complexion and watch how you glow up.

Below are some of our most loved products

kojic acid lotion for skin whiteningpink lip balmstretch mark removal kit, containing scrub and cream

Clients Reviews

Our  reviews are usually gotten through conversation with the client over whatsapp and instagram, below are just a few of them

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