Skin Beautifying Kit


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A kit that gives smooth and clear skin, without altering your complexion.  Can be used by fair skinned ir dark skinned people, men or women.

It is not meant as an alternative for people who have used lightening products to achieve their current shade, but such people can still use this as a day kit to prevent the side effects that come from some skin lightening products, such as green veins and stretch marks.

Kit can be used morning and night to attain supple and ageless skin.

The lotons in this kit have been known to clear acne, dark spots, stretch marks, visible veins and build thinning skin

The blemish soap as the name implies, clears face and body acne, and gradually fades dark marks on the skin

Scrubbing your skin is a very important part of skincare, as the dead skin starts to shed off slowly from puberty stage. Scrubbing helps speed up skin cell regeneration, which in turn helps keep the skin neat and flawless

The glow lotion contains 10% lactic acid, so there may be slight skin shedding upon use.



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