Dark Spots & knuckle Cream Bundle (X5)


This dark knuckles cream, is made using naturally exfoliating and skin brightening components.

It lightens dark areas of the skin, without causing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( a condition where the area of the skin that was treated,  becomes darker than it originally was).

Dark knuckles and spots removal cream can be used on knuckles,  elbows, knees, thigh, and all areas of the body that are difficult to lighten. You can also use the dark knuckles and spot removal cream as spot treatment, on hyperpigmented areas such as dark spots left from acne or scratches

Due to its mild exfoliating properties,  it can be applied over your skincare products,  to enhance the effects of your creams or lotions.

Dark knuckle and spots removal cream  contains



-Lemon Extract

-Arbutin in controlled quantities, that make it hard on spots, yet mild on your skin.

For faster results,  use at least 3 times daily,  or whenever you wash your hands, reapply.

This payment is for five (5) units of knuckle cream


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